Farm Trip Reminder - Friday 20th September - A2 & A3

Just a reminder that the New Entrant students  Farm Trip is on Tuesday 24th September.
Students will be required to come in their school uniform, a packed lunch and a bottle of water. They will also need to wear their school jacket and their gum boots incase of rain or cold weather.

Please name your child's belongings,

All students going on the trip should be at school by 8:30am.

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

This year, we will be acknowledging and supporting Daffodil Day which is  Friday 30 August.Therefore, I kindly ask that ALL students please come dressed in ‘Yellow’ on Friday and bring a gold coin donation to raise money for the Cancer Society.
Kind Regards Mrs D'Silva
Dear parents/caregivers,

A3 will be on Assembly in Week 4 - Aug. 16 2019 at 2:00pm (after lunch)
For this day, the boys will have to wear the following

White T-Shirt and black Lavalava The Girls will wear the following: A white dress Please put your child's above mentioned clothes in a plastic bag and name it. Your child will change into the costume at lunch time.  If possible make some time to come and watch your child perform. It would also be much appreciated if you can come at lunch time to help your child change into their required costume. 
Kind regards Mrs D'Silva
End of Term 2 Mass is on Friday, June 28th at 11 am At St Therese Church Tristyn, Gabriel, Shantalia, Selena, Theresa Fatu and Michaela will be participating in the Liturgical Dance The costume that they will wear is below: Girls :- White dress, white stockings and white shoes Boys:- White shirt, black long pant, white socks and black shoes

Dear Parents, caregivers,
The New Entrant and APOD Poetry Recital and  SPEECHES will be held on Wednesday, 26th June At 10am in the WharenuiPlease come and join us on this special day.
Dear Parents/caregivers,

There will be no swimming for the New Entrant classes today - Thursday 30 May, as the Instructors have a meeting.

Thanks for your understanding.

Mrs D'Silva

Good morning parents/caregivers,

A3 will not have their swimming session today - Thursday 23 May, 2019,  as all the swimming instructors are sick.

Thanks and have a good day.

Mrs D'Silva
Dear Parents and Caregivers,

I am writing to inform you that school swimming session for  the New Entrant Classes A2 & A3 will begin this Thursday. This is a 30 minute lesson every week on Thursday.
Your child will need the following:-
A3 will change at  12;15 session will start after the students have changed into their swimming costume 12:30 - 1:00 pm

Swimming costumeGogglesSwimming capTowel Thanks Mrs D'Silva

Dear Parents and Caregivers
You can motivate your children by simply asking them about their learning at school.  This will show them that you are interested and you want to know about their learning.
Our children are learning to talk about their learning at school.  Can you please help us at home by asking them to talk about what they have learnt at school. 
Personalise the conversation simply asking the following questions: What did you learn in writing at school today? Did you enjoy your learning? What would you like to learn to be better at in writing next time?
Thank you …
Term 1 Student Led Conferences

Friday 12/4/19A huge Thanks to all the Parents for supporting The New Entrant Palm Sunday Event and The Stations of the Cross. Looking for your continued support through the year.
Have a blessed and safe holiday.

Palm Sunday Event - Week 11 Wednesday 10th April 2019

New Entrant Palm Sunday Event will be held in A3 on Wednesday 10th April 2019 at 12:15pm. We will have a shared Jesus Meal after that.
Characters for this Event:-
Reader - Tai
Jesus ( Jesus costume) - Agnel

Disciples - Quevor, Tristyn, Niki & Jaden - White T-shirt, scarf and a ribbon/band to tie the scarf on the head
People - All the other students - White T-shirt, scarf and a ribbon/band to tie the scarf on the head

Songs for the event - Cloakes and branches by Richard Cootes - You Tube

Please get a plate of food for the children ( Jesus food e.g. grapes, figs, cheese, hummus, honey, fruit kebabs, small Juice packets, Disposal plates and forks - Tai's mum Eiva

New Entrant Student Led Conference is on Wednesday 27th March only. 

26th March 2019
Thanks for booking in for the Student Led Conference. Looking forward to see you all at the given time. Have a good day.😊