Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday the first day of lent
The school bell will ring at 8:45 am. If your child is late for school, please bring him/her to St.
Therese Church.  Mass starts at 9:15am

The message of Pope Francis for Lent 2019

Meet the Teacher Evening Thursday 21/02/19 The New Entrant Meet the teacher Evening will start at 4:30 pm in A 3. Please come on time. It is very importantthat you all come to this meeting. I will share with you the expectations we have for our New Entrant children.
Parents please ensure that you check the Stationery list before you bring it to class. The list is as below. I have received a few packs that are incorrect. Being the New Entrant Class, it is important that your child has the correct set of books, pencils, glue sticks, jovi, white board markers.
Please do not keep pencils, glue sticks, markers and the jovi pack at home, your child needs to use them in class.

New Entrant Stationery List

1 Reading Log - Kluwell My Home Reading Yellow Level
1 My Literacy Book 1 Warwick 64 Pages
1 My Literacy Book 2 Warwick 64 Pages
2 Exercise Book JWB - LWB 32 Leaves
1 Exercise Book UB 1A5 40 leaves
1 Kiwi How To Write - (Handwriting Book)
1 My Maths Book (QUAD) 1 Wasrwick 64 leaves
1 My Everyday Book Warwick 64 Leaves
5 White board markers
8 Pencils
2 Glue Sticks
1 Pack of Jovi Plastic crayons
Literacy Learning Progressions  - 2019 - Mrs D’Silva
Oral Language – Starting School
The oral language foundation that supports children’s school reading and writing includes: curiosity about oral language and a willingness to experiment with it, for example, by playing with rhyme and alliteration a wide oral vocabulary of nouns and verbs and also many adjectives and prepositions a willingness, and the confidence, to talk about things happening now, in the past, and in the future the ability to retell an experience, an event, or a known text awareness of rhyme and of words that start with the same sound, along with the ability to hear and distinguish some other phonemes in spoken words. Reading When they start school, most children will: respond to texts in ways that demonstrate engagement (for example, children laugh at funny bits, empathies with a character, join in, ask questions, and express opinions) “read” very familiar stories by reciting them use illustrations to “read” a sto…

Welcome to your First Term at St. Mary Mackillop Catholic School

From Left to Right: Cornelius, Tristyn, Florence, Quevor, Theresa, Agnel.

Saint Mary Mackillop Cultural Dance - 2018

Thank you to my lovely children and all who helped make our St. Mary MacKillop Cultural Festival a grand success.  God Bless.

A 3's Assembly Friday 10th August 2018
Assembly starts at 2:00 pm. Please come along to support your child. All students should be in their correct uniform. Girls should have their hair in a plait with black hair ties. Thanks for all your support.
The following are the 3 songs the students will be singing. Please assist them to go on you tube and practice singing these songs at home.

Creation songWe are a familyWe are the world Thanks for all your help and support. God Bless Mrs D'Silva

Visit from Fetu Taiala Aogaamata Kindergarten

Lent & Easter

Spirit of the Lenten Season There are two guiding principles for the observance of Lent. During this season, the faithful are to grow in their love of Jesus Crucified, and they are to practice extra penance for their own and other people's sins. Both aspects of Lent deserve some explanation. Love of Jesus Crucified. The spirit of Lent is the spirit of Christ Crucified. Therefore, whatever enables us to better understand Christ's Passion and Death, and deepens our responsive love for His great love toward us should be fostered during the Lenten season. Some recommendations: Meditation on the Gospel narratives of Christ's Passion.Spiritual reading of books like Goodier's Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Abbot Marmion's The Way of the Cross, Edward Leen's Why the Cross?, Fulton Sheen's Seven Words on the Cross.Recitation of prayers like Soul of Christ Sanctify Me.Besides making the daily Way of the Cross, encouraging others to make the Stations at le…